Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Go Dawgs!

Mr. Tough cowers in submission when he meets the giant blue bulldog.

You can find these giant painted bulldog sculptures dotting the streets of Athens, GA, in honor of the UGA Bulldogs. Additionally, it seems like almost every house has a small bulldog sculpture out front. With all the local hype about bulldogs, we sadly never see any real bulldogs around. Luckily Spartacus has since learned that these stoic oversized bulldog sculptures are not giant rainbow mastiffs, and now he can pass them comfortably.

He's also quite fond of this other public sculpture.


  1. Oh, don't tell my daddy-dog that I like those sculptures because he is a GT Yellow Jacket. Shhhh! BOL

  2. That's cool! Norman has a thing for statues, I think he believes they are all alive:P

  3. Where have you been? I miss seeing your posts with your babies!

  4. Beautiful pictures!!! You look so nice in all of them. I wish you will post a new one. Thanks for sharing!!!