Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Safety First

We just returned home from a road trip to South Florida with the whole pack. Spartacus is a veteran of the 10 hour long drive from North Georgia to South Florida in our beat up 99 Jeep Cherokee. This was Delilah's second time making the roundtrip journey. The dogs and even our kitty (with a nice dose of Rescue Remedy) always seem very comfortable in the back of the Jeep with the seats down. This time, we used dog seat belts for extra security. 

This harness is designed to attach to an actual seat belt, but with the seats down, we just strung leashes through and hooked them up to some handles in the car. Restrained by six foot leashes, the dogs still had a lot of mobility to visit us up front, but they stayed put on their Molly Mutt bed for the most part. Despite the occassional tangling of leashes, the harnesses seemed really comfortable. In the event of an accident, we felt better knowing they were strapped in. We're grateful all our pets are good sports when it comes to long hauls cause we love to have them with us. Not to mention, boarding is difficult for them. Luckily it was smooth sailing there and back, and we'll be updating more details about our adventure later this week.

How do your dogs feel about long car rides? Any road trip cats?


  1. Looks cozy! We've taken a lot of road trips in my mom's jeep. We flatten out the back and cover it in dog beds. Zoey, Kaya and Norman fit comfortably! Kaya & Norman have always been basically comatose in the car whether we go 5 minutes or 8 hours. Norman likes to look out the window but they don't fuss around or make a peep! Gina is the first cat I've had who doesn't mind the car. I throw on her harness and leash and she makes herself comfortable! I've brought her to my parents house in Tahoe a few times:)

    1. Wow, a cat on a harness and leash! You better post photos of that someday!