Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Introducing Delilah

We weren't actively looking for another dog in August 2013. We had our hands full with Spartacus, and our lease stipulated only one dog allowed. But I work on the computer which gets very boring, so I'm known to meander through the local pound's website occasionally. I'll send links to my partner just to entertain the idea, but we both know it's never serious.

Well, one fateful August afternoon, I stumbled upon the profile of a pup named Molly.
Here is the description the volunteer wrote:

"Molly - An absolute gem of a dog, sweet, calm, and submissive! ...Even though it’s clear she’s a little bit nervous in her new environment, she still was one of the most polite and well-behaved dogs I have ever met. ...didn’t bark, jump, or become overly excited at any point, and loved to just sit right by my side. She was as calm and as sweet as could be. With her low energy and calm nature, Molly would be a GREAT fit for a family or a person looking for a dog who has grown out of their wild puppy age, but is still young enough to keep pace with you..."

Suffice to say, we reasoned that Molly would be such an easy dog, she wouldn't add extra work and could even have a calming effect on Spartacus. Sparty is reactive to dogs when he's on leash. Off leash he's made plenty of dog friends, though his play style is kinda nuts and a less dominant disposition makes an ideal playmate. We decided to visit this gem of a dog at the pound, and she was indeed very shy and barely moved. Though she was clearly nervous, there was tenderness and warmth underneath. Sparty likes to love people hard and it's been a challenge to get him to quit giving "hugs", so we welcomed Molly's reserved nature. Plus, her funny proportions and expressive ears were utterly irresistible. 

Yes, that is my partner kissing her through the fencing at the pound on our way out.

Our landlord is a big softie who fosters dogs year round. He couldn't say no to us rescuing this shy beauty from possible death at the pound. We met her on a Sunday and she came home with us the following Thursday with her new name, Delilah.

The dogs were introduced on a walk around the block together. Delilah was guarded as she just came from her spay procedure, while Sparty expressed only healthy curiosity and welcomed her right away. She growled when he got too close to her belly area, and he respected her space with no qualms.

When Delilah finally recovered from a complication in her spay procedure, we let the dogs really get to know each other. They've been inseparable ever since.

And it turned out Delilah is quite the ball of energy once she's come out of her shell. 

She also weighs almost double what the pound listed, at about 35 lbs. The perfect size to go wild with her big brother. 

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  1. Omg, they are so cute together! What a cool little(ish) dog:)